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The YUI Library is detailed aPI documentation accompanies the library download; fully documented on its website. It has six forms of components: UI controls, YUI core, utilities, CSS components, build tools and developer tools. Core The YUI Core is a light (31KB minified) combination of tools for event management and DOM manipulation. Dom Collection Assists with common DOM scripting tasks, including element positioning and CSS style management. YUI Global Object The YUI Global Object contains a script loader, language utilities, and other baseline infrastructure for YUI. Event Utility Provides developers with comfortable and safe access to browser events (such as mouse clicks and key presses). It also provides the Custom Event object for publishing and subscribing to custom events. Utilities Browser History Manager Assists web applications use the browser’s back button and bookmarking functionality. Connection Manager Assists manage XMLHttpRequest transactions in a cross-browser fashion. It has integrated support for form posts, error handling, callbacks and file uploading. animation Assists create “effects” by animating the position, size, opacity or other characteristics of page elements. Cookie permits you to manage browser cookies and subcookies through a simple aPI. DataSource gives a common configurable interface for other components to interact with different types of data, from simple JavaScript arrays to online servers over XHR. Drag and drop The YUI Drag and Drop Utility makes it simple to make elements “draggable” and to create drop targets that respond to drag events. Element Gives a wrapper for HTML elements in the DOM and makes simpler common tasks such as adding listeners, manipulating the DOM, and setting and getting attributes. Get The Get Utility is compatible with the asynchronous loading of data and scripts through script nodes and the dynamic loading of external CSS files. ImageLoader YUI’s ImageLoader permits you to defer the loading of images that are not visible in the viewport at the time the page loads. This can result in big performance boosts. JSON The JSON Utility gives methods for validation of incoming JSON data to confirm that it is safe and methods to convert JavaScript data to a JSON-formatted string. These techniques are based on Douglas Crockford’s work at JSON.org. Resize permits you to make any block-level HTML element resizable. Selector The YUI Selector Utility permits you to grab references to HTML elements via CSS3 selector syntax. YUI Loader YUI Loader is a client-side loader engine that can dynamically load any YUI element (and dependencies) on the fly. Controls autoComplete Provides autocomplete characteristic (suggestion lists and type-ahead functionality) for user interactions involving text-entry. It supports a variety of data-source designs. It also supports server-side data-sources through XMLHttpRequest. Button Makes able the creation of rich, graphical buttons that function like traditional HTML form buttons. Calendar a graphical, active control used for date selection. Charts The Charts Control retrieves data by means of the DataSource Utility and displays the data in a variety of common chart formats (line, bar, pie, etc.). Color Picker The Color Picker Control gives a rich visual interface for color selection. Container Supports a variety of DHTML windowing Tooltip, patterns including Panel, Dialog, SimpleDialog, Module and Overlay. DataTable Easy yet powerful aPI to display screen-reader accessible tabular data on a website page. Notable characteristics consist of pagination, sortable columns, scrolling, row selection, resizeable columns, and inline editing. ImageCropper ImageCropper gives the UI and interactive elements for a client-side image cropper. Layout Manager Permits you to create cross-browser, pixel perfect layouts with little effort by providing a fixed layout containing, top, bottom, left, right and center layout units. Menu Gives an easy aPI for creating fly-out menus, menu bars, and context menus. Rich Text Editor The YUI Rich Text Editor is a complicated client-side text-processor that is modular and highly configurable, suitable for any open-ended text-entry situation. Slider Gives a generic slider element that makes the user able to choose within a finite range of values on one or two axes. TabView Gives navigable tabbed views of content; supports dynamic loading of tab content via XMLHttpRequest. TreeView Generates a content tree whose nodes can be expanded and contracted. Uploader Permits for multi-file file upload with feedback on upload progress. CSS resources CSS Base Use Base after Reset to give a regular, cross-browser replacement for the standard browser CSS rules to which web developers are accustomed. CSS Grids Seven basic page wireframes with subsection elements to support over 1000 different page layouts. CSS Fonts High quality cross-browser font families and size rendering. CSS Reset CSS declarations remove margins and standardize cross-browser rendering on common components. Developer tools Logger Gives a quick and easy way to write log messages to an on-screen console, the Firebug extension for Mozilla Firefox, or the Safari JavaScript console. Profiler A cross-browser, non-visual code profiler for Script of Java. ProfilerViewer Used in combination with Profiler to give rich visualizations of your profiling data € both graphically (using the Charts Control) and in tabular format (using DataTable). YUI Test YUI Test is a framework for browser-based JavaScript solutions utilized for testing purpose. Utilizing YUI Test, you can comfortably add unit testing to your JavaScript solutions. While not a direct port from any specific xUnit framework, YUI Test does derive some characteristics from nUnit and JUnit. Build tools YUI Compressor YUI Compressor is a technique instrument that minifies JavaScript and CSS safely. YUIDoc YUIDoc is a technique written in JavaScript that generates searchable aPI documentation of JavaScript code. It is usually used as part of a build process. YUIDoc is comment-driven and is supported to a variety of coding styles and programming languages.

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