Wakanda is an open-source web application framework for creating web and mobile applications in JavaScript. It consists of a database server (WakandaDB), a JavaScript framework (WaF), and Wakanda Studio, an integrated development platform. Wakanda is created by 4D SaS. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows  Linux, and Mac OS, and is cloud-ready on the back-end. Desktop, mobile and tablet apps on the front end. The platform includes: Wakanda application Framework (WaF), consisting of a data provider to communicate with the server, interface widgets for the browser-based front end, and a datasource layer that comes in between. Wakanda Server (also known as WakandaDB), a Server-Side JavaScript implementation supporting the CommonJS module specification for cross-platform compatibility. Wakanda Studio, a desktop IDE and WYSIWYG editor for designing database tables, forms, reports, and the logic needed to make these parts work together as a web application.

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