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Original author(s): Alex Cartwright
Stable release : 2.6.1 Dodo / November 29, 2010
Written in : PHP
Operating system : Cross-platform
Platform : PHP/MySQL
Supported Databases : MySQL
Type : Content management framework, Content management system
License : GNU/GPL 2
Website : http://tangocms.org

TangoCMS is a modular PHP content management system is not actively mainained anymore. It was released free of charge under the GNU/GPL 2 license, and is part of the TangoCMS Project.[1] One of the top priorities for the project is to stick to standards and best coding practices, such as making sure all mark-up complies to the World Wide Web Consortium HTML standards, using semantically correct mark-up.[2]

TangoCMS allows the owner/administrator of the website to create and manage content with no previous programming knowledge, including customizing the entire layout, user management and other administrative tasks.

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