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Symfony is a web application framework useful for PHP5 projects. It targets to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications, and to replace the recurring coding tasks by power, control and pleasure. The very small amount of prerequisites makes symfony easy to install on any pattern; you just need Unix or Windows with a web server and PHP 5 installed. It is similar in temperament with almost every database system. Moreover, it has a very small overhead, so the advantages of the framework don’t come at the cost of an enhancement of hosting costs. Using symfony is so common and easy for people used to PHP and the design patterns of web applications that the learning curve is reduced to less than a day. The neat design and code readability will keep your intervals short. Developers can apply agile development rules (such as DRY, KISS or the XP philosophy) and concentrate on applicative logic without wasting time to write endless XML configuration files. Symfony is targeted at building robust applications in an organization context. This means that you have full authority over the modification: from the directory design to the foreign libraries, almost everything can be customized. To match your enterprise’s development rules, symfony is equipped with additional tools helping you to test, debug and document your project. Last but not least, by selecting symfony you get the advantages of an active open-source community. It is completely free and published under the MIT license.

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