qooxdoo is entirely an open source ajax web application framework. It is an LGPL- and/or EPL-licensed multipurpose framework that consist of support for professional JavaScript development, a graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit and high-level client-server communication. Qooxdoo is completely class-based, makes an effort to leverage the features of object-oriented JavaScript and is based on namespaces. Most modern browsers are compatible. Despite being a pure JavaScript framework, qooxdoo is fairly on par with GUI toolkits like Qt, Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) and others with respect to implementing user interfaces. It presents a rich set of widgets that resemble elements of native desktop applications. Focus and tab handling, built-in support for keyboard navigation and drag & drop is offered. Dimensions can be specified as stretching, static, percentage, auto-sizing, weighted flex or min/max or even as combinations of these. All widgets are based on flexible layout managers, which are instrumental to many advanced layout capabilities. Interface description is completed programmatically in JavaScript for enhanced performance. Defining the user interface needs no HTML, and designing the interface needs no Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Straightforward appearance themes are used to style colors, icons and other visual properties; they also support runtime switching.

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