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XML metadata driven framework all business logic and presentation objects are described by XML metadata files Building an application means mainly writing XML files. You don’t need to write a single line of code in most development. Simplifies design, development and maintenance work Data modeling by object relational mapping (ORM) Can connect different types databases running on different machines Do database actions by object interfaces, no need to write SQL statements Catch business logic by aggregating cross-table data into one business object Configurable data formatting and validation Leverage Zend_Db to connect different types of databases Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern Business data objects and services represent Model Presentation objects represent View Request is dispatched through front Controller Server functions are invoked on client events through HTTP RPC Eclipse Openbiz plugin to speed up application development Leverage the most popular Eclipse developing environment GUI interface for editing metadata files, wizards for creating metadata files Possible integrate with other plugin tools available for Eclipse Rich client user experience on browser (AJAX) AJAX is used as the default communication method between browser and server Javascript OOP framework with rich set client GUI widgets Keyboard navigation capability with assistance of shortcut keys Easily extendable based on Object-Oriented-Programming design Openbiz already provides lots of functionalities including search, sort, update, insert … Implement customer business and presentation logic by extending Openbiz classes Customers can also invoke their functions by implementing the plug-in service

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