MooTools consists of a number of components, but not all need to be loaded for each application. Some of the element categories are: Window: Provides a cross-browser interface to client-specific information, such as the dimensions of the window. More: an official collection of add-ons that extend the Core and provide enhanced functionality. Core: a collection of utility functions that all the other components require. Class: The base library for Class object instantiation. Element: Contains a large number of enhancements and compatibility standardization to the HTML Element object. Natives: a collection of JavaScript Native Object enhancements. The Natives add functionality, compatibility, and new methods that simplify coding. Fx: an advanced effects-aPI to animate page elements. Request: Includes XHR interface, Cookie, JSON, and HTML retrieval-specific tools for developers to exploit. MooTools provides the user with a number of advantages over native JavaScript. These include: MooTools follows object-oriented practices and the DRY principle. an extensible and modular framework allowing developers to choose their own customized combination of components. Enhancements to the DOM, enabling developers to easily add, modify, select, and delete DOM elements. Storing and retrieving information with Element storage is also supported. an advanced effects component, with optimized transitions such as easing equations used by many Flash developers. The framework consist of DOM elements, built-in functions for manipulation of CSS, native JavaScript objects, DOM effects , ajax requests, and more. MooTools also provides a detailed, coherent application programming interface (aPI) as well as a custom downloads module allowing developers to download only the modules and dependencies they need for a particular app. Every JavaScript framework has its psychology, and MooTools is interested in taking full use of the flexibility and power of JavaScript in a way that stresses greater modularity and code reuse. MooTools accomplishes these goals in a way that is intuitive to a developer coming from a class-based inheritance language like Java with the MooTools Class object. Class is an object of key/value pairs that can consists of either methods (functions) or properties. Class is naturally mixed and extended with other Class instantiations permitting for the greatest focus of MooTools: Code use again achieved through maximizing the power of JavaScript’s prototypical inheritance, but in a Class object syntax more familiar to classical inheritance models.

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