Microsoft’s ajax library

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The Microsoft ajax Library is a JavaScript library that offers the features for the client portion of the ASP.NET AJAX framework. – Components – The library provides an structure to build either visual or non-visual JavaScript elements. A global JavaScript object – Sys.application – is liable for managing the lifecycle of client components. JavaScript extensions an enhanced type system is presented to emulate object-oriented constructs such as namespaces, classes and interfaces; and to perform reflection on client types. abstraction API Common operations on the DOM (retrieving elements, setting designs and other manipulations) are repeatedly translated by the library into browser-specific calls. ajax a set of client elements is provided to handle ajax requests and web-service calls. Application Services The library allows accessing the ASP.NET Membership, validation, Roles and Profile services from the client side. Recently, new characteristics have been announced as part of the ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 release: – Template Engine – permits displaying data on the client side by using HTML templates and a custom binding notation. This strategy avoids performing page rendering on the server side. Declarative instantiation of client components allows registration, instantiation and configuration of client components utilizing markup code, without writing any imperative JavaScript code. Live Bindings coordinate element properties.

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