Lively Kernel


The Lively Kernel is an open source web programming place. It is compatible with desktop-style applications with direct manipulation abilities and rich graphics, but without the installation or upgrade problems of conventional desktop applications. Development started at Sun Microsystems Laboratories in Menlo Park, California, and later moved to the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam-Babelsberg close to Berlin. The Lively Kernel is a graphical composition and integrated programming environment written completely in the programming language JavaScript using standard browser graphics (W3C Canvas or SVG). In this way,it is accessible to any browser as a web page, and it starts operating as soon as the web page is loaded. It is capable to edit its own code and graphics, and through its built-in WebDaV support, it can save its results or even clone itself onto new web pages. Alongside its application development abilities, it can also function as its own integrated development environment (IDE), making the entire system self-sufficient with no tools except a browser.

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