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Joose is an open-source self-hosting meta object scheme for JavaScript with support for classes, mixins, inheritance, traits and aspect-oriented programming. The Joose meta-object system is multi-purpose scheme. It compatible with class-based and prototype-based programming styles as well as class-based inheritance and role-based extension. While other JavaScript frameworks often specialize on AJAX and DOM-access, Joose specializes exclusively on bringing victorious programming techniques to the JavaScript scripting language. In this way, Joose is often used in conjunction with another DOM/ajax JavaScript framework and is tested with jQuery, YUI, Dojo, Prototype, ExtJS, Mootools and PureMVC. Joose was greatly inspired by Moose, the object system for Perl 5 which was itself inspired by Perl 6 object system, but contrast to Perl and Moose, Joose doesn’t support multiple inheritance.

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