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Foswiki Community

Initial release
January 9, 2009; 5 years ago

Stable release
1.1.9 / November 19, 2013; 12 months ago

Written in
Perl, JavaScript

Operating system
Linux, Windows, BSD, Solarix, OSX

Available in
20  languages

Wiki software


Supported Databases
Plain files (under version control)

GPL v2


Foswiki is an enterprise wiki, typically used to run a collaboration platform, knowledge base or document management system. Users can create wiki applications using the Topic Markup Language (TML), and developers can extend its functionality withplugins.

The Foswiki project was launched in October 2008 when a dispute about the future direction of TWiki could not be settled, resulting in the decision of nearly all key TWiki contributors to fork. Since then the codebases have diverged significantly. However, Foswiki continues to maintain compatibility with content written for TWiki. Foswiki stands for “free and open source” wiki to emphasize its commitment to open source software. The project is governed by the Foswiki Association e.V, a volunteer run, non-profit foundation.

The Foswiki website is seen by some as one of the more popular Perl-related websites based upon Alexa rankings of all websites in the world.

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