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Original author(s)
MIT and HP Labs


Initial release
November 2002

Stable release
4.2 / 22 July 2014; 4 months ago

Development status


Supported Databases
Oracle, PostgreSQL

Operating system

Institutional repository software

BSD licence



DSpace is a groundbreaking digital library system that captures, stores, indexes, preserves and redistributes the intellectual output of an organization’s researchers in digital formats. Developed jointly by MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard (HP), DSpace is now freely available to organizations worldwide as an open source system that can be customized and extended.

DSpace is an open source software system that enables institutions to:
– Capture and describe digital works using a custom workflow process
– Distribute an institution’s digital works over the web, so users can search and retrieve items in the collection
– Preserve digital works over the long term To collect, distribute, and preserve research materials in increasingly complex digital formats is a time
-Consuming and expensive chore for individual faculty and their departments, labs, and centers to manage themselves.

The DSpace system provides a way to manage these research materials and publications in a professionally maintained repository to give them greater visibility and accessibility over time.


DSpace is a set of cooperating Java web applications and utility programs that maintain an asset store and an associated metadata store. The web applications provide interfaces for administration, deposit, ingest, search and access. The asset store is maintained on a file system or similar storage system. The metadata, including access and configuration information is stored in a relational database and supports the use of PostgreSQL and Oracle database.

DSpace currently support two primary web interfaces: JSPUI which usesJSP and the Java Servlet API and XMLUI (aka Manakin) based on Apache Cocoon, using XML and XSLT. DSpace holdings are made available primarily via a web interface, but it also supports the OAI-PMH v2.0, and is capable of exporting METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard) packages.  DSpace supports the common interoperability standards used in the Institutional repository domain, such as Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, SWORD,OpenSearch, and RSS. More recent versions of DSpace also support faceted search and browse functionality using Apache Solr.

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