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The Zoop PHP Framework promotes logic, separation of display and data layers(MVC). The Zoop PHP Framework is designed up of lots of components and integrates many different projects consisting the prototype AJAX framework and smarty (http://smarty.php.net). It also utilizes PEaR modules (http://pear.php.net). The accurate core components handle lots of the functions you would have to code yourselves. Zoop’s integrated error handling can be modified to log errors for production environments, and is extremely informative and readable which makes bugs simple to find and squash. Zoop has been crafted to make the developers life easier by giving tools to make efficient use of his/her time. One of our more unique and notable characteristic is our implementation of GuiControls, a revolutionary idea in PHP that gives many form widgets with validation totally integrated, as well as a framework to develop your own guiControls surprisingly easily.

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