Prototype JavaScript Framework


The Prototype JavaScript Framework is a JavaScript framework designed by Sam Stephenson in February 2005 as part of the foundation for ajax support in Ruby on Rails. It is implemented as an only file of JavaScript code, normally named prototype.js. Prototype is distributed standalone, but also as part of larger projects, such as, Ruby on Rails and Rico. Prototype is used by 2.9% of all websites, which turns it into one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. Prototype gives various functions for developing JavaScript applications. The characteristics range from programming shortcuts to major functions for dealing with XMLHttpRequest. Prototype also gives library functions to support classes and class-based objects, something the JavaScript language lacks. In JavaScript, object designing is prototype-based instead: an object creating function can have a prototype property, and any object assigned to that property will be used as a prototype for the objects created with that function. The Prototype framework is not to be mixed with this language feature.

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