Ample SDK


Ample SDK is a lightweight JavaScript library planned to simplify cross-browser web application development. Although the ample SDK permits you to do client-side scripting in a very similar way as jQuery and many other JavaScript libraries, its main intension is to enable development of declarative GUI's for Rich Internet applications rather than increasing HTML pages. Because its documentation is still light and the examples lack clear explanation, the ample SDK is not suited for the beginning, informal web developer. For the experienced web guru however, it offers many characteristics, listed below. The characteristics of ample include: Good run-time performance. Extensible architecture. Every major web-browser is supported. Cross-browser XUL (supporting a desktop-like UI), the XML user interface markup language developed by the Mozilla project. Styleable HTML5 forms elements. an optional aPI similar to jQuery. Full implementation of the core level of the DOM W3C technologies. SVG in all supported browsers, including Internet Explorer 5.5-8.0

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