Are you a developer planning to build either a website or mobile app? Chances are, you’ve already come across the hurdle of choosing between React and Angular.

The debate on which of the two is the better choice for software development doesn’t seem to end. One is an established full-stack MVC framework while the other is a newer Javascript view library. So which one do you pick?

Released in 2016, Angular is an open-source structural framework, allowing developers to utilize HTML as a template language. On the other hand, React, or React JS, is an open-source front-end JavaScript library that lets you build UI components. Both are used to make apps.

Often, people say that comparing the two is akin to apples to oranges due to their distinct differences.

In addition to one being a complete MVC framework and the other more of a “V” in the MVC, Angular is built to use TypeScript, while React recommends using JSX (Javascript with extended XML syntax). Angular also uses two-way binding and the browser’s DOM, while React makes do with one-way binding and a virtual DOM.

In any case, here are the top advantages that React provides over Angular: